A Song of Fire and Ice Book 1 : A Game of Thrones

I just finished reading this book earlier this month and I loved it because of the setting and the theme. It is a wonderful book and it is a fantasy fiction which is one of my favorite genres of books. This book is  also like the Lord of the Rings which is also one of my favorite book series. This book is about Knights and Kings and Queens and Wild men and each chapter is another character’s perspective of what is going on in their world. For example if something bad is about to happen to one character in one chapter you have to read about what is happening to the other characters first before you can find out if that one character is all right or if they do not make it. Which to me makes you want to read faster so that you can keep up with each character. I am currently reading the next book in the series: A Clash of Kings and I am enjoying it. Here is the Artwork for the first book.



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